Frequently Asked Questions

Online Orders & Shipping

How can I check the status of my online order?

Log into your account and click on “My Orders.” Your order will be in one of the following statuses:

Processing: Your order has been acknowledged and is awaiting processing.

On Hold: Your order is being processed by our team and if further information is required, we will reach out to you.

Awaiting Merchandise Transfer: your order requires us to transfer one or more pieces from one of our omnichannel partners. We are working to fufill your order as quickly as possible.

Complete : Your order has been shipped from our distribution center and shipping information was sent by email.

Closed: Your order has been canceled and refunded.

What is the Maison Birks Privacy Policy?

Maison Birks is committed to protecting your privacy. Maison Birks is the sole owner of all information collected at We will not disclose, trade, rent or sell information collected on this site and will inform you of how we use this information. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.

Does Maison Birks offer a gift wrapping service?

All online purchases are wrapped in our signature Birks Blue Box® with ribbon. For online orders, please be sure to specify by email to [email protected] if a gift bag is also required.

Does Maison Birks offer engraving services?

We offer engraving services on select Bijoux Birks pieces. When placing an order online, eligible items will have a box where you will have a chance to input engraving instructions during the order. For more information, simply bring the article you would like engraved to any of our Maison Birks stores

What engraving fonts and characters does Maison Birks offer?

Some Bijoux Birks items have the option to engrave a personalized message of your choice. Engraving fonts that are available are Amazone BT and Beaufort Pro, and it is possible to engrave any character on a standard keyboard.

Where can I ship branded items?

Branded items can only be shipped within Canada at this time.

Returns & Exchanges

I need to make a return, how should I proceed?

Please view our Return and Exchange Policy.

How can I find the nearest Maison Birks store?

Maison Birks has 26 store locations across Canada. You can also use the store locator to find Bijoux Birks products that are available in other luxury jewellery retailers across North America. Click here to find a store near you.

How long do I have to return a regular priced item?

For all purchases made online at, Maison Birks will provide an exchange or refund within 30 days of delivery, provided merchandise has not been worn, altered, engraved, or special-ordered. The merchandise must be recieved by mail or in a store location. All claims, returns, battery replacement, or warranty service must be accompanied by proof of purchase, original packaging and warranty materials. Sales items are final sale and are not eligible for exchange or return.

Can I return a sale item?

Sales items are final sale and are not eligible for exchange or return.

Care & Repair

Does Maison Birks offer jewellery and watch repair services?

Maison Birks offers a complete range of repair services on selected Bijoux Birks jewellery and timepieces including battery replacement, pearl and bead re-stringing, ring sizing, etc. For more information, simply bring the article to be repaired to any of our Maison Birks stores.

*Please note that going forward and in accordance with the conditions of the Birks Watch Guarantee card (“Guarantee Card”) - Maison Birks will require that you present your Guarantee Card each time you wish to benefit from complimentary watch battery replacements.

How can I best care for my Bijoux Birks fine jewellery pieces?

Every Maison Birks piece is beautifully crafted and requires careful attention when cleaning. Jewellery with stones should be reviewed and cleaned by a professional twice a year. Items should never be submurged in water including swimming pools or oceans. Pearls should be protected from hairspray, perfume, and lotion. For more specific information on cleaning fine jewellery items, please contact one of our stores to speak with one of our sales professionals.

I have a vintage Bijoux Birks piece and I would like more details about it, what should I do?

We are so delighted to be a part of your families history. If you are seeking an evaluation, please visit a local appraiser. Please note, that at this time, Maison Birks is not acquiring vintage jewelry or homeware pieces.

I need to restring my Maison Birks Pearls, what is my next step?

Maison Birks is committed to providing quality repair services. We are only able to work with pearl jewellery purchased at Maison Birks. Please visit a Maison Birks store for more information.

Can I buy a half pair of earrings to replace one I lost?

Maison Birks offers a selection of paired and single earrings. We are unable to break a pair to sell just one earring, but we will gladly assist you in finding a new single earring to style your current piece.

Maison Birks Gift Cards and EGIFT CARDS FAQ


Maison Birks gift cards and eGift cards are the perfect gift for everyone. Maison Birks gift cards and eGift cards allow you to choose the amount you would like to offer and the recipient can redeem it for merchandise of their choice worth an equal or lesser value. Maison Birks gift cards can be purchased in Maison Birks locations across Canada and eGift cards can be purchased at


A Maison Birks gift card is a physical card purchased in a Maison Birks store. A Maison Birks eGift card is a virtual card that is purchased online at

If you have purchased an eGift card, the recipient will receive the eGift card details (unique card number, balance and CVV code) and the sender will be notified once the eGift card has been sent to the recipient.


Maison Birks gift cards and eGift cards can be used at any Maison Birks store across Canada and/or online at You can use your gift card/eGift card to purchase all products and services offered by Maison Birks. You cannot use a gift card or eGift card as payment on any Maison Birks financing account.

If you have a Maison Birks gift card that was purchased prior to October 20, 2020 (a 16-digit gift card number), and you would like to use it online at, please email us at [email protected] with a picture of your gift card. We will issue you a new 19-digit eGift card to use online.


Unfortunately, Maison Birks does not issue a physical card for an eGift card purchased online. Physical cards are only issued when purchasing a Maison Birks gift card in store.


After you purchase an eGift card, you will receive an order confirmation email with the recipient and sender information. Once the card has been activated, the recipient will receive the eGift card details (unique card number, balance and CVV code) and the sender will receive the eGift card activation receipt email.


Once your order is accepted, it will take an estimated 1-3 business days for the recipient to receive the eGift card details.


Unfortunately, once the eGift card order has been placed, Maison Birks can no longer make any changes to the order.


Yes, a Maison Birks Gift Card purchased in store can be used online at at checkout, provided it is 19-digits long.

If you have a Maison Birks gift card that was purchased prior to October 20, 2020 (a 16-digit gift card number), and you would like to use it online at, please email us at [email protected] with a picture of your gift card. We will issue you a new 19-digit eGift card to use online.


Yes, a Maison Birks eGift card purchased online can be used at a Maison Birks store.


Maison Birks eGift cards can be purchased using a valid credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express or China Union Pay) or PayPal online. They can also be purchased using another Maison Birks eGift card. The Maison Birks FlexitiCard and AliPay cannot be used to purchase a Maison Birks eGift card.


You can check your balance by clicking here. As a first-time user, you will need to register your gift card and create an account. Alternatively, you may contact us at [email protected] or your preferred Maison Birks store.


Maison Birks does not impose any fees or penalties associated with the use or non-use of Maison Birks Gift Cards and eGift cards.


No, Maison Birks gift cards and eGift cards do not expire.


Maison Birks gift cards/eGift cards are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.


Yes, you may return an item purchased using a Maison Birks gift card or eGIft card.


Unfortunately, Maison Birks gift cards and eGift cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Maison Birks is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, or unauthorized use of Gift Cards.


You can add an additional amount to your Maison Birks gift card at any Maison Birks location across Canada. You will not, however, be able to add more funds to an eGift card.

Bridal & Diamond Information

Can I buy the silver Birks Bell Box™ separately from an engagement ring?

Unfortunately, the silver Birks Bell Box™ is not sold separately from Bijoux Birks engagement rings.

What are the four C’s?

The four C's refer to the following characteristics:

Carat Is the measure of the diamond’s weight and influences the size of the diamond.

Clarity: Is the extent to which a diamond is free from imperfections, also referred to as inclusions.

Cut: Not to be confused with shape, the cut is what ultimately determines the brilliance of the diamond.

Colour: There are 2 types of diamonds: colorless and fancy colored. Colorless diamonds range from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow).

For more information, click here.

How much time should I budget when shopping for a diamond engagement ring?

To make your dreams into reality, Maison Birks recommends budgeting three months time to find your perfect fit.

What type of engagement rings does Maison Birks offer?

Maison Birks offers a selection of engagement rings both online and in store. Maison Birks can also customize your ring by placing a special order to help you design the ring of your dreams.

Why is there a difference between the pricing of my quote and the final price of my Bijoux Birks diamond engagement ring?

When you visit our Bijoux Birks Bridal Bar, we will give you a quote to place a special order for the diamond engagement ring of your dreams. Once we have placed the special order on your behalf, the hunt for the perfect diamond begins. We must work within the fluctuating diamond market to get the very best quality and sparkle.

What is the lead time for a customized diamond engagement ring?

At Maison Birks, we want to deliver only the best quality final product. This means from the moment your special order is placed to the second you slip on your engagament ring, there are many quality control procedures that the ring must go through. The current lead time for diamond engagment ring special orders is four to six weeks.

Why is there limited wedding band sizes available online?

Our wedding collection is very unique and customizable. For this reason, the items that are on online serve as a catalogue of ideas and sample of our styles. The selection is also limited to some sample sizes. Additional sizes are available upon special order, please contact us for more details.

What is the Bijoux Birks Diamond Trade Up Policy?

Please click here to learn about the Bijoux Birks Diamond Trade Up Policy.

What is the Bijoux Birks Diamond Engagement Ring Diamond Standard?

Since 1879, Bijoux Birks has set the standard across Canada for quality diamonds providing meticulous grading and certification for clarity, color and proportions according to rigid international gemological standards. Bijoux Birks was also among the first to support and work with the Kimberley process insuring integrity of the supply chain. Bijoux Birks sources diamonds from only the most reputable purveyors or cutters who declare on their invoices that the diamonds sold have been obtained in compliance with the Kimberley process. Bijoux Birks also reserves the right to audit their diamond suppliers to ascertain compliance. In May of 1999, Bijoux Birks was the initiator of a program that would provide complete tracking of Canadian diamonds and became one of the first jewelers to acquire and sell diamonds mined in Canada.
Bijoux Birks is also a signatory of the Voluntary Canadian Code of Conduct for Authenticating Canadian Diamond Claims. Bijoux Birks uses Canadian diamonds in the creation of its bridal jeweler and solitary diamond jeweler whenever possible, as they are guaranteed to have been extracted under strict supervision, following the laws that serve to protect the diamond workforce, the mining areas native people and environment. Bijoux Birks also requires that their cutters guarantee that all purchased diamonds are natural and untreated other than polished. All Diamond Engagement rings come with a GIA certificate.

What is the Kimberley Process?

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme is an agreement set-up to eliminate the trade in conflict diamonds. The process was created in response to a civil society campaign that exposed the way in which diamonds funded conflicts and demonstrated how governments, civil society and industry can work together on conflict prevention. Currently, 69 countries participating in the process have passed and implemented national laws establishing import and export controls designed to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds.The KPCS requires that each signatory country must certify all rough diamond export as conflict-free and must allow rough diamond import only from other participating countries also certified as conflict-free. The KPCS must accompany all official shipments of rough diamonds to and from participating countries. Named after the city where the agreement was signed, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) was signed on April 30th, 2003

How do I know if my Bijoux Birks Diamonds are conflict-free?

Bijoux Birks only purchases diamonds from the most reputable purveyors or cutters who declare on their invoices that the diamonds sold have been obtained in compliance with the Kimberley process. Bijoux Birks is the number one destination for Canadian Diamonds. Bijoux Birks favours the use of Canadian diamonds in the creation of its bridal jewellery and solitary diamond jewellery as they are guaranteed to have been extracted under strict supervision, compliant with the laws that have been developed to protect the diamond workforce, the mining areas native people and environment. Diamonds mined in Canada can be traced from the mine of origin all the way to the Bijoux Birks blue box and are guaranteed conflict-free. Bijoux Birks is proud to have been among the first to acquire and make available diamonds mined in Canada. These beautiful diamonds are tracked by Bijoux Birks from the rough crystal to the finished gem, assuring the pedigree and provenance of each. Reflecting the unsurpassed skill of the cutters who crafted them, each Canadian diamond is laser-engraved with the name “Birks”, a maple leaf and a unique Bijoux Birks Diamond Card Number. Discover more here

I want to buy a Bijoux Birks diamond ring, what is my next step?

Congratulations! We are so happy to be a part of your journey. You can view a selection of diamond engagement online or book an appointment with a Bijoux Birks Bridal Expert at your nearest Maison Birks store.

Maison Birks Financing

What payments methods does Maison Birks accept?

For online purchases, we currently accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, AliPay, UnionPay, Paypal, and Flexiti.

Have questions about your Maison Birks FlexitiCard account?

Call Flexiti Customer Service: 1-877-259-3745, click here or visit

How can I apply for a Maison Birks Flexiti card?

In store or online. To find a store location, please visit our store locator.
To apply online, please click here.
If you already have a Flexiti card, no need to apply again, we accept Flexiti at all store locations.

Have questions about your Maison Birks account?

Call our Payment Operations team: 1-855-873-7373 (Dial 2).

What financing options are available at Maison Birks?

Maison Birks offers a variety of financing plans up to 40 months interest free and 60 month with low interest. Please click here or visit any of our locations to find out more about the Maison Birks credit card and financing options.

Why should I finance my purchase?

Financing allows you to buy now and pay later. At Maison Birks, the application is quick and simple, making it more convenient than ever to finance your purchase. Maison Birks offers a variety of financing plans up to 40 months interest free and 60 month with low interest. In addition, Maison Birks credit card reward program offers complimentary jewellery cleaning, a gift certificate during the month of your birthday, 1% annual purchase rebate as well as invitation to our special events and offers and many more. Restriction may apply, please visit one of our stores for more details.

How do I make payments towards my Maison Birks credit card?

For cards starting with 6374:

Online Banking: Simply add Flexiti (Flexiti Financial) as a payee in your own online banking bill payment system.

Cheques via mail:  Please send a cheque to the address below – make sure you include your account number on the cheque to avoid delays.

Flexiti Financial Attention:

Account Services – Payment Processing P.O. Box 340,

Orangeville, ON, L9W 2Z7

In store payments:  Make a payment using Debit or Cash at any Maison Birks location in Canada. Ensure you have your account number ready before coming to the store. Don’t forget to register your account.

To view your account details, register your account at There, you can view your statements, your account balance, when your payments are due and any details around your promotional plan, including your interest rate.


 For cards starting with 1090:

Online Banking: Simply add Birks as a payee in your own online banking bill payment system. 

Cheques via mail:  Please send a cheque to the address below – make sure you include your account number on the cheque to avoid delays.

Birks Group Inc. Attention:

Credit Department P.O. Box 11728

Downtown Station Montreal,

Quebec, H3C 6P7

In store payments: Make a payment using Debit, Cash or check at any Maison Birks location in Canada. Ensure you have your account number ready before coming to the store. 

How do I notify Maison Birks of a change of address?

Please contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 1-855-873-7373 (Dial 2).

Sell Your Gold with Trust

What do you buy?

We buy Gold & Platinum only.

How much do you pay for 18K per gram?

We do not give a quote over the phone or by email. For information on how to sell your gold, please click here.

How do you pay?

For information on how to sell your gold, please click here.

I have ring mounted with a diamond or stone, will you take it?

We only buy metal. We would recommend, if you can do it, to remove any mounted gemstones/diamond from the piece you want to sell.

Do I need an appointment?

Please click here to view our calendar of in-store events or to send us an online request.

ALTR Lab Grown Diamonds

Is ALTR covered under Birks Diamond Guarantee ?

Unfortunately ALTR is not covered under Birks Diamond Guarantee, however all ALTR jewelry is subject under the manufacturer's warranty.

Are created diamonds a new phenomenon?

No, diamonds were first created in a lab at General Electric in the 1950’s. However they weren’t gems of a quality that could be used in jewelry. Different variations of that process have been used ever since to produce industrial diamonds to be used for abrasives and manufacturing. Over the past few decades, the methods have been perfected, but only in the last few years has it been possible to produce large white gem quality diamonds that meet or surpass natural diamonds in terms of desirability and beauty. So while lab-grown diamonds have existed for many years, they have only recently become viable for fine jewelry.

How are ALTR created diamonds different from mined diamonds?

ALTR created diamonds are man made, and are produced by simulating natural conditions of extreme heat and pressure or chemical vapor deposition. So the process by which the diamonds are grown is different but the resulting lab created diamond is exactly the same as a diamond mined from the earth. Both mined and created diamonds are identical in chemical, optical and physical composition.

How are ALTR diamonds created?

We use two proprietary methods. In the first, the diamonds are created by replicating certain favorable conditions that naturally exist between 87 and 118 miles below the earth’s surface, in the mantle of the earth. A sliver of an existing high quality diamond, otherwise known as a seed, is placed in an environment that contains a specific recipe of carbon compounds at great pressures and temperatures. This process is called High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT). We also use a second method, called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), wherein the crystals are formed in layers like semiconductors. Each process results in a different kind of diamond and we employ both methods based on the specific gem required for a piece jewelry. Both methods result in the creation of a real rough diamond with all the natural properties of a mined diamond.

What is the difference between a simulant and an ALTR created diamond?

ALTR Created Diamonds and gem quality earth-mined diamonds are both composed of incredibly pure crystal carbon as a single crystal. Simulants may look somewhat similar to the untrained eye, but the material is completely different, with different physical properties. Unlike a simulant, a created diamond’s refraction and hardness is identical to that of a natural diamond. ALTR created diamonds are 100% authentic real diamonds; in contrast, diamond-like materials such as Cubic Zirconium, Moissanite and other diamond-coated materials, are not real diamonds.

If ALTR created diamonds are exactly the same as mined diamonds why are they classified separately?

While there is no difference between a mined and a created diamond, we are committed to complete transparency and believe in protecting our consumer’s ability to make an informed choice. Full disclosure is always in the best interests of both the consumer and the industry. In order to make sure our customer is well-informed about their choices, our industry is bound by law and ethics to clearly disclose whether a diamond is lab-grown or Earth-mined.

How much time does it take to create a diamond in the laboratory?

Depending on the color and size, it can take between 30-60 days to create a diamond in the laboratory.

What certification authenticates ALTR Created Diamonds?

ALTR created diamonds are graded with the same standards as mined diamonds and carry certifications from Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL)

How does an ALTR created diamond enhance personalization?

With over 48 exclusive patented cuts, ALTR radically increases a customer’s options to personalize or customize jewelry. Our diamonds can be created in a variety of colors, cuts and sizes to fit a specific design as well.

Do ALTR created diamonds have unique inscriptions for easy identification?

Yes, each ALTR created diamond over 0.70 ct has a unique ID inscribed on the diamond itself. This information is detailed in your certificate so you can always identify your diamond with the help of a jeweler.

Are ALTR created diamonds available in a variety of sizes?

Yes. Starting from 0.01 ct to 6 ct, ALTR created diamonds can be grown in a variety of sizes. We specialize specifically in large stones that can be a centerpiece for a stunning jewelry design.

Are ALTR created diamonds available in a variety of shapes?

Yes, ALTR produces diamonds in a variety of modern patented and traditional shapes such as round, cushion, princess, ovals, pear, marquise, and emerald.

Does ALTR create diamond jewelry?

Yes. ALTR is part of R A RIAM Group, experts with over 89 years of experience in fine jewelry design. The same expertise has helped establish the jewelry design arm of ALTR. Our jewelry pieces are designed using recycled gold and 100% created diamonds. We are especially invested in evolving jewelry design to bring new excitement to the diamond jewelry industry.

How is ALTR different from other lab-grown diamonds companies?

ALTR is the only vertically aligned created diamond brand that is a complete and exclusive solution for loose created diamonds and fine jewelry.

• We have a well appointed dedicated manufacturing infrastructure where we grow our own diamonds.
• We enhance desirability through our range of created diamonds that qualify as a premium choice for affordable luxury.
• We start with a diamond seed and finish with handset fine jewelry because we understand the value that design brings to our pieces.

Why is ALTR created diamonds the future of diamond industry and luxury?

We are true disruptors. We not only started a conversation about lab-grown diamonds. We inspired an entire industry to evolve in a brave new direction. Our mission from the outset has always been to honor our heritage of craftsmanship, while innovating new ways to create the world’s most beautiful and purest diamonds. We’re not just doing things in a better way, we are reinventing the diamond industry.

How are ALTR Created Diamonds fueling desire for diamonds?

Our parent group has been creating diamond jewelry for decades. Our highly-regarded design house is creating an ever-increasing list of patented cuts that are the inspiration to create modern, aesthetically superior fine jewelry. Our pieces are coveted for their brilliance, design, aesthetics, manufacturing finesse and for being made solely with created diamonds. /p>

In addition to being a leading supplier of created diamonds, does ALTR also design and market jewelry?

Yes. As a brand that is working towards widening the horizon of the diamond industry as a whole, our aim is to ensure that diamonds increase in value and remain the cherished and precious investment they have always been. With that focus in mind, we realized that it is through exceptional and innovative design that a piece increases in value. This is why we developed, along with a dedicated growing infrastructure, a devoted design facility that focuses on creating modern, beautiful jewelry that appeals to our customers through the new interpretation of timelessness.

Why do ALTR diamonds shine brighter?

The reason people fall in love with an ALTR diamond is because there’s an immediate emotional reaction to seeing the size, quality and purity of the gem. Less than 2% of all diamonds in the world are type IIa ; but every ALTR diamond is of that quality. ALTR created diamonds are more than merely accessories: the impact of a seeing a type IIa diamond is a catalyst that ignites an inner transformation. When she’s wearing an ALTR diamond, she shines brighter, from within.

Are ALTR created diamonds available worldwide?

Yes. ALTR is headquartered in New York and has distribution links across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. We create a broad range of jewelry for a wide, global audience. Our innovative marketing programs are effectively inciting increased demand for diamonds all over the world.