• Birks Bee Chic Baroque

    Birks Bee Chic®
    Baroque Pearls

    A hint of the Birks Bee Chic® pattern reveals itself in this cutting edge collection featuring baroque pearls. Organic, distinctive shapes designed for those who welcome the extraordinary, and set in sterling silver for the ultimate in everyday luxury.

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  • Birks Iconic

    Birks Iconic
    Dare to Dream

    Preserving the essence of the Dare to Dream collection, this revamped ring in three rows is a masterpiece for the modern woman. Inscribe a message of your choice if you wish to, and imbue this tradition-in-the-making with evermore significance. A personal talisman now, an heirloom later.

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  • Plaisirs de Birks

    Plaisirs de Birks®
    Canadian Animals

    Elegance and whimsy unite in this lighthearted collection, crafted for the young, the young at heart, and those who cherish them. Quintessential Canadian animals - reindeer, polar bear, whale, and arctic hare - conjure the splendour of our hibernal season, rendered through graceful silver accents on pearl.

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