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    From a variety of styles and shapes, you can find an engagement ring that truly captures your love and a wedding band that solidifies your distinct bond. Every romance has its ring – let’s find yours.

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  • Engagement rings

    Our master craftsmen are dedicated to design a ring as unique and unforgettable as the precious moments they epitomize. Take a look at our latest collection of engagement rings: Birks Bloom. The same Birks diamond quality at a price you have only dreamed of.

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    Wedding Bands

    Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and unerring passion for quality and design, the Birks artisans create works of art crafted for a love as pure as gold.

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    All about birks Diamonds

    At Birks, we pride ourselves on decades of savoir-faire in selecting the perfect diamond for any occasion. Learn the language of the world’s most precious gemstone with a Birks expert.

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    Brighten up your wallet with a touch of Birks blue. Discover our special financing offers and exclusive Birks benefits by signing up today.

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  • Ice Pure. Traceable. Canadian.

    Keep your Birks Canadian Diamond Certificate close at hand and relive the journey of your Birks Canadian Diamond for years to come.

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    Let’s meet at the Bridal Bar. On the menu: exquisite diamond cuts, gold, and a side of sparkle. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, wedding bands or jewelry for your big day, a Birks expert will be happy to serve you.

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