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Over 140 Years of Love


These couples’ stories are unique, but they all share one thing in common. They said “I do” with Bijoux Birks. From proposing at a gorgeous park in Chicago to renewing one’s vows at the Palace of Versailles, they show us a beautiful kind of love—one that is kind, powerful, and eternal. Echoing last year’s collection of Bijoux Birks love stories, we asked these three couples about that very special moment they will never forget. Get ready to be moved, and who knows, maybe even a little inspired.


“We met in 2009 in a university French class. He needed ‘help’ with his homework and we ended up spending the summer ‘studying’ at the beach,” shares Kaitlyn. An adorable (and relatable) start to what would become Kaitlyn and Brendan’s great love story.

Six years later in Paris—a beautiful nod to their first encounter—the proposal happened. Too nervous to carry around his soon-to-be fiancé’s engagement ring, Brendan asked Kaitlyn to marry him on the very day they arrived, during a romantic dinner at chic restaurant Laperouse.

Five years after tying the knot in Vancouver, the couple renewed their vows at the Palace of Versailles, once again celebrating where it all began. “We wanted to return to France to relive the magic of our engagement with a thoughtful and intimate ceremony,” she says. Ah, l’amour!

"We chose Bijoux Birks because of the beautiful, timeless ring design and ethically sourced and high - quality diamonds. The fact that they were Canadian and conflict-free was also very important to us."


On Valentine’s Day of 2020, Pooja flew from Toronto to Chicago to finally meet Hardik in person. Their first weekend together turned out to be a life-changing two days “straight out of a Bollywood movie,” shares Pooja.

A few months later, another milestone was about to be reached, once again in the Windy City. “Hardik had a whole day planned out with five different activities. As we were walking in Lincoln Park, we came across the Honeycomb where he wanted us to take a picture. He then got on one knee and popped the question,” tells Pooja. “I started crying because at that moment, I knew I was the luckiest woman on earth.”

“ I was born and raised in Montreal, and Bijoux Birks has always been my family go-to for gifts. Being able to find a wedding band for Hardik was a dream come true and a great way to perpetuate our family tradition.”


It’s in the privacy of their apartment that Mike asked Katrina’s hand in marriage. “As I was walking down the hallway in my baggy sweater and messy bun, he was waiting in our living room and got down on one knee,” says Katrina. “To have that moment for just us two was everything.” The couple, who had met eight years prior at a costume party in St. Catharines, spent the day calling their friends and visiting their parents to share the good news.

As for the wedding, which took place in the picturesque Dundas Valley, the couple’s most vivid memories are a collection of those simple yet meaningful moments. “The little glances we shared, the laughter that hurt my cheeks and the way we held each other during our first dance. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day.”

“With Bijoux Birks, you know that you’re purchasing from a company that will continue to provide quality service and stand by their product.”

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