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Love Stories

"I Do."

One of Bijoux Birks’ greatest joys is being by your side during the grandest declaration of love. From the thrilling proposal to the exchange of eternal vows.

 Behind every couple, there’s a unique love story. That is why, beyond crafting exquisite engagement rings and wedding bands, we pride ourselves in offering a custom shopping experience. One that is tailored to your needs and that precious bond you wish to celebrate.

It all starts at our Bijoux Birks Bridal Bar during your private appointment with a our Bridal experts. From a starry night sky to the majestic cathedral overlooking our Montreal boutique, you’ll discover the inspiration behind every one of our eponymous bridal collections.

 This moment will also be the perfect occasion to learn about the unparalleled quality of our diamonds, as well as our Bijoux Birks Guarantee—a premium service of care and repair, available to you for many years after popping the big question.

 Meet these couples who, like many others, turned to Bijoux Birks when it was time to find a token worthy of their love.


Dianne and Rafael got engaged on February 14th, 2020, in Varadero, Cuba, on their 14th anniversary. The unexpected proposal, which Rafael had been planning for six months, took place in front of their closest friends, making it even more special.

This couple, whose story dates back to their early teens, wanted a ring that portrayed the solid and long-lasting quality of their relationship. Birks felt like a natural choice. “Being a Birks couple is a representation of our love that will last a lifetime, just like Birks’ diamonds”, says Dianne.

With a wedding planned in 2022, we wish these two inseparable high school sweethearts happiness, good health, and everlasting love.

"Being a Birks couple is a representation of our love that will last a lifetime, just like Birks' diamonds."


In August 2019, Jessica and Steve got engaged on the dreamy shore of Anderson Lake, British Columbia. A particularly symbolic place where, two years prior, the couple had declared their love to each other.

Before proposing, Steve searched a long time for the perfect ring, to no avail. Until he went to Maison Birks. With a Birks expert by his side, he finally found “the one”, worthy of his love for Jessica. 

Between the birth of their daughter and a myriad of life projects, their wedding date has yet to be determined. But the excitement is palpable, nonetheless. “We are looking forward to that special day”, shares the couple.

"The quality, the design. The ring was beyond perfect! It really solidified our relationship."


On August 8th, 2018 Valerie and Aiden eloped just outside of Vancouver. Set against the breathtaking Rockies and the beautiful blue ocean, the secret ceremony perfectly suited the quiet yet exhilarating beauty of their love.

Together since high school, the couple is used to doing things their own way. Like the big question, which casually took place at home while watching The Princess Bride.

As for the ring, everything pointed towards Birks. “We wanted something Canadian and classic”, says the couple. “And the amazing experience at Birks was something well beyond our expectations.”

"The key to a successful relationship is understanding that each person has strengths and weaknesses, and that you must support and cherish both."

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