Two, white and yellow gold rings and matching pendant necklaces

Jewellery for Every Personality

One Tenth of a Second.

That’s all it takes to form an opinion about someone upon meeting them. Quick, isn’t it? Although this initial impression is shaped by a multitude of cues, personal style is one of the most important variables. This is why choosing a style that authentically reflects who we are is so paramount. It’s not about showing-off, but about finding the right pieces so they become a true extension of ourselves. Our clothes and accessory choices can also have a direct impact on our state of mind. Do you experience a newfound confidence every time you slip on your favourite beautifully tailored blazer? Well, this is the reason why. If you’re here, chances are jewellery plays an important role in your closet. So in celebration of expressing your true self, we’ve hand-selected exquisite pieces from some of the most revered jewellery houses around the world to highlight every type of personality.

The Dreamer

Curious and romantic, you seek an emotional connection with the objects that come into your life. Because of your heightened senses and boundless imagination, you tend to see the world through a heartwarming poetic lens.

Chaumet’s Bee My Love collection is reminiscent of a bygone era, most precisely the one of Napoleon I, whose clothing and apartments were adorned with the golden bee symbol. Those cell-like pieces, from a white gold diamond necklace to delicate earrings, evoke, at each scintillating oscillation, their story-rich inspiration. 

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The Enthusiast

Thanks to your contagious joie de vivre and never-boring spontaneity, you tend to be socially in-high-demand. Charming, loyal, and easy-going, you’re always willing to try something new. Being a glass-half-full kind of person, you see the positive in every situation.

An ode to dreams, as wild as they may be, and to love in all its iterations: this is what the Birks Dare to Dream TM collection is about. Sometimes, that statement takes the shape of intricate huggie earrings. At other times, it translates into a ring, showcasing an uplifting trifecta of rose, white, and yellow gold, decked in diamonds and Birks’ emblematic grillwork motif. It’s optimism, the jewellery version.

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The Go-Getter

No challenge is too great for you. You’re a hard-worker and thriving for excellence is the baseline for every project you take on. Your unshakeable energy and gravitas makes you an innate leader whom everyone happily rallies around.

Messika’s founder and artistic director, Valérie Messika, created Lucky Move as a good fortune collection that exudes equal part modernity, femininity, and spirit. The medallion, the signature detail of the line, spins on itself; an eye-catching feature that magnificently highlights the shimmering luminosity of the diamond-embellished rose gold earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

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The Risk-Taker

Your presence in a room never goes unnoticed. Knowledgeable and articulate, you’re not afraid to speak your mind. Confidence is your go-to accessory and you like getting outside of your comfort zone. You let neither fear nor doubt stand in your way.

Such a powerful aura calls for equally breathtaking adornments. The fitted Princess Flower collection by Roberto Coin comes to life through blooming flowers whose diamond and precious stone-studded corollas are outlined with a twisted golden thread; a bouquet that is particularly magnificent on a set of rose gold earrings or a pearl pendant necklace. One just can’t look away.

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The Creative

You know what you like and your environment is a testimony of your impeccable taste. Communicating through your style and your art is an everyday must. Intuitive and sensitive, you enjoy spending time by yourself to let your imagination burgeon.

Precious stones and irregular shapes. A colour palette spanning from soft blue to velvety green. Tiny gold cylinders preciously engraved with the iconic Bulino technique. From a short 18K gold chain necklace to multi-coloured drop earrings, Marco Bicego’s Paradise collection is like a ready-to-wear art gallery.

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