How to Care For Your Jewellery

Since 1879, Birks is synonymous with beautiful iconic jewellery: every design is made from the finest of materials and crafted to the highest standard. With continuous care, your Birks precious metals and gems are sure to stand the test of time.

Sterling Silver

Renown for its resistance and aesthetics, sterling silver will remain as captivating as ever with the proper care plan.


Known for their timeless and classic elegance, discover how to extend their luminosity with the proper delicate care.

Diamonds & Gemstones

Exquisite diamonds and gemstones require special care to keep their vibrancy. Discover our tailored guideline to ensure the best aftercare.

Gold & Platinum 

Platinum and 18k gold are celebrated for their majestic radiant lustre. Discover how you can maintain their beauty.


Enamel pieces provide decorative and unique designs in an exceptional array of colours. Scratch resistant and easy to clean, uncover the best way to keep your pieces bright and bold.