Birks Snowflake Snowstorm diamond earrings sitting on a table


A winter masterpiece, the snowflake is revealed in all its splendour in the Birks Snowflake collection. Featuring clusters of white gold and diamonds, the pieces shine with a delicate singularity that reflects the expression of each person.

Birks Snowflake®

Birks Snowflake®

Metal or Material


Primary Stone


C$ 15,100.00
C$ 4,050.00
C$ 5,100.00
C$ 2,650.00
C$ 1,850.00
C$ 750.00
C$ 5,900.00
C$ 3,050.00
C$ 2,250.00
C$ 1,450.00
C$ 895.00
C$ 6,900.00