• Kylie Jefferson Wearing Birks Splash Sapphire Collection

    Kylie Jefferson X Birks Splash

    Introducing professional ballerina and actress, Kylie Jefferson, our new Birks Splash global ambassador.

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  • Birks Dare to Dream Ring with Flowers

    Birks Dare To DreamTM

    Let your dreams blossom. Breathe new life into your dreams and let them lead way with the Birks Dare to DreamTM collection.

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  • Bijoux Birks - Snowflake TEXT EN

    Birks Snowflake®️

    Inspired by the unique silhouettes and intricate shapes of snowflakes.

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  • Birks Snowflake Snowstorm Earrings
  • Birks Splash Diamond Ring
  • Birks Splash®️ 

    Inspired by the joyful, ever-changing flow of water droplets.

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  • Birks Blue Doors and Woman wearing jewelry

    Bijoux Birks

    Established in 1879, Bijoux Birks is Canada's leading designer of fine jewelry. Bijoux Birks is recognized internationally for incomparable quality and the delight brought to its beholders.

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