Maison Birks Presents: Monica Rich Kosann

Jewellery helps each person express their own unique story, a notion at the heart of Monica Rich Kosann’s exquisite designs, now available at Maison Birks. Designed to empower and inspire women, the fine jewellery brand’s pieces run the gamut from vintage-inspired crescent moons and chain necklaces to classic chunky link bracelets. But the true standouts are its modern charms—featuring everything from compasses to queen bees —and its iconic collection of lockets.

Monica poses next to her work displayed on a cork board.

Stories Worth Telling

Having gotten her start as a portrait photographer, designer Monica Rich Kosann always considered herself a storyteller. “When I photographed my clients, I wanted to portray their stories through a special moment, rather than ask them to pose,” she says. Her brand is based on this idea: using fine jewellery pieces to capture a special moment within an empowering story.

model wearing a gold and a silver locket

Lockets to Love

“Before I started as a jewellery designer, I wondered why nobody was making lockets that are young and contemporary,” says Rich Kosann. Worn for hundreds of years and filled with meaning and symbolism—and of course, precious photos or mementos—lockets are exceptionally personal pieces of jewellery. “A locket is the sexiest piece of jewellery a woman can wear… it holds her secrets,” says Rich Kosann. In materials ranging from sterling silver and 18K gold to colourful enamel, and available in multiple shapes and configurations (slim, half, four image), Monica Rich Kosann’s lockets are striking and singular.

Model wears a silver and diamond moon charm

Charms to Covet

Instantly conjuring memories and meaningful events from the past, Monica Rich Kosann’s collection of charms is surprisingly easy to choose from despite its generous variety of designs. Worn alone or layered, meticulously designed charm necklaces made from precious materials like sterling silver and 18K gold and adorned with sapphires or diamonds help reflect each person’s passions and interests. “Our collections are rooted in your personal storytelling,” says Rich Kosann. The idea: for each person to choose pieces that reflect their own journey.

Honouring Craftsmanship and Tradition

With an extreme regard for quality and craftsmanship, as well as a focus on sustainability and ethically sourced materials—values shared by Maison Birks for over a century—Monica Rich Kosann strives to create pieces that can withstand time and be passed on through generations.