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    About Birks Group

    The Birks story began four centuries ago in Sheffield, England. The brand truly came to life in 1879 when Henry Birks opened a jewellery boutique in the heart of Montreal, Canada. What began as one man’s dream became an iconic Canadian brand that is now distributed internationally. Birks collections are inspired by Canadian nature and the brand’s rich heritage, offering classic styles with an edgy flair. The Company operates 28 stores under the Birks brand in most major metropolitan markets in Canada as well as two retail locations in Calgary and Vancouver under the Brinkhaus brand. In addition, Birks fine jewellery collections are available through select Mappin & Webb and Goldsmiths locations in the UK, in Mayors stores in the US and at select jewellery retailers across North America. Visit for more information.

Corporate Governance

AMEX Corporate Governance

The Class A voting shares of Birks Group Inc. (the "Company") are listed on the NYSE American, and the Company is a foreign private issuer as defined in Rule 3b-4 under the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Act"). Pursuant to Section 110 of the NYSE American company guide, the following is a description of the significant ways in which the Company's governance practices differ from those followed by U.S. domestic companies pursuant to NYSE American standards:

Proxy Delivery Requirement: NYSE American requires the solicitation of proxies and delivery of proxy statements for all shareholder meetings, and requires that these proxies be solicited pursuant to a proxy statement that conforms to the proxy rules of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. As a foreign private issuer, the Company is exempt from the proxy rules set forth in Sections 14(a), 14(b), 14(c) and 14(f) of the Act. The Company solicits proxies in accordance with applicable rules and regulations in Canada.

Board of directors

Niccolò Rossi di Montelera
Executive Chairman of the Board
Frank Di Tomaso
Corporate Director
Jean-Christophe Bédos
President and Chief Executive Officer
Joseph F.X. Zahra
Corporate Director
Davide Barberis Canonico
Corporate Director
Louis L. Roquet
Corporate Director
Emily Berlin
Corporate Director
Shirley Dawe
Corporate Director 

Corporate Officers

Jean-Christophe Bédos
President and Chief Executive Officer
Aurélie Pépion
Vice President, Omni-Channel Sales, Operations & Marketing
Pat Di Lillo
Vice President, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
Maryame El Bouwab
Vice President, Merchadising Planning & Supply Chain
Miranda Melfi
Vice President, Human Ressources, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

Financial Reports

Corporate Governance Reports

SEC Documents

For more information on Birks Group’ SEC compliance, please view our SEC FILINGS.

To view our SEC reports in XBRL Format, please click here.