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Discover engagement rings that will take their breath away. Discover stunning diamond rings in a variety of stone shapes including oval, emerald, princess, pear, and halo engagement rings. Go for a timeless style with a solitaire engagement ring or discover vintage and unique engagement rings from the world's finest brands, including Birks and Chaumet bridal collections. With over 140 years of history, Maison Birks is here to accompany the most important day of your life with an engagement ring as special as your love.
Gold vs platinum engagement rings: which should I buy?
Both metals are highly sought after when purchasing your engagement ring. Platinum holds a natural silvery colour that is hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for those with an allergic reaction to certain metals. 18k white gold has nearly the appearance as platinum, but not recommended for those with a nickel allergy. Platinum requires less maintenance than white gold, as it is corrosion resistant and won't tarnish. White gold is rhodium plated, which may require to be re-plated over time to maintain its colour and lustre. White gold is more affordable than platinum. Either will make an excellent metal for an engagement ring, and ultimately should come down to preference.

Which shape of engagement ring is right for me?
Each diamond shape ranges in characteristics fit to match your personality. For a classic and timeless look, a round solitaire engagement ring is sought after for its eternal brilliance, fire, and light performance. Princess-cut diamonds offer an angular and geometric setting, with the same brilliance of a round diamond. Cushion-cut diamonds offer a vintage-inspired settings, while emerald-cut diamonds are sought after for their sleek and elegant appearance. Pear and oval-cut diamonds elongate the look of the finger, making it appear long and slender.