A women wearing Pasquale Bruni jewellery

Maison Birks Presents: Pasquale Bruni

Maison Birks is thrilled to welcome the Italian luxury jewellery brand Pasquale Bruni and its uniquely expressive creations.

Founded in 1968 in Valenza, Italy, Pasquale Bruni is a brand that has been handcrafting high-end jewellery using meticulously selected golds and gemstones for over half a century. Created by designer Pasquale Bruni, it is now his daughter, Eugenia Bruni, who is the creative force behind the label’s innovative, highly original jewellery. She is joined by her brother, Daniele Bruni, as gemologist and president of the U.S. subsidiary, making Pasquale Bruni a true family affair that has spanned two generations.

Designed for women by a woman, each Pasquale Bruni creation is the fruit of expert craftsmanship and an exploration of colour and materials, mixed with a sizeable dose of passion and creativity. “The idea of a jewel comes from feelings, from inspired intimate research—it is a form of magic that is often inexplicable because it is shrouded in the mystery of emotions,” says Eugenia Bruni, the brand’s creative director.

So much emotion is channelled into Pasquale Bruni collections that it is impossible not to feel it when donning them. Creating jewellery is about “giving shape to love, light to the heart, life to a wonderful thought,” says Bruni. It’s about “a moment of powerful energy you wish to become a vital part of people’s lives,” she says.

Drawing inspiration from nature and blending it with its Italian roots, the brand crafts every piece of jewellery by hand, bringing together precious metals and natural gemstones, and making use of inlays, a special pavé technique, and exquisite cuts. Striving to ensure each ring, necklace, and bracelet provides seamless comfort when worn in everyday life, the brand pours its knowledge, experience, and independent spirit into its creations without reserve.