Maison Birks Presents: Fope

FOPE’s innovative jewellery makes an entrance at Maison Birks, bringing with it undeniable elegance and style.

After starting as a goldsmith’s workshop in Italy over 90 years ago, FOPE—which stands for “Factory of Jewellery Precious Export”—has evolved into an international fine jewellery brand which stands at the forefront of innovation, comfort, and everyday refinement. Understated yet intricate and unique, the brand’s pieces, which range from 18K gold bracelets and necklaces to earrings, are still designed and manufactured locally in Vicenza, one of the three historic centres of jewellery making in Italy. Thanks to its deep respect for tradition, craftsmanship, the highest quality materials, and sustainability, FOPE is a natural addition to the Maison Birks offering.

Creation Meets Innovation

Creation Meets Innovation

From flexible metal straps in the 1950s and gold watch cases in the 1970s, to the brand’s signature Novecento mesh launched in the 1980s, FOPE has embraced innovation and technology alongside indelible style throughout the decades. In 2007, it launched Flex’it, a patented concept of stretchable 18K gold bracelets crafted with tiny gold springs hidden between the links, which became a global success, and one of the brand’s signature features. The technology is now also used in rings.   All FOPE pieces are entirely made of 18K gold—even the springs. Thanks to multiple patents, the brand is the only company in the world capable of producing flexible jewellery that is made exclusively from gold.   Today, FOPE boasts a quintessentially Italian style, which pushes the boundaries of wearability, while conjuring effortless elegance. Although each creation shines on its own, the pieces can be layered and combined in an infinite number of ways, allowing each person to express their own singular aesthetic every day.

The Vendôme Collection

The Novecento chain is reimagined through a more geometrical lens in the Vendôme collection, which pairs precious metals and gemstones, like gold and sapphire, with Flex’it technology in certain pieces.

The Solo Collection

From diamond pavé bracelets and white gold and diamond necklaces to contrasting earrings, Solo reinterprets FOPE’s popular Unica collection from the ‘90s with a more contemporary feeling.

The Prima Collection

The Prima collection features the FOPE’s slimmest Flex’it pieces, which combine flexible 18K gold mesh chains with diamonds to create delicately sophisticated bracelets and necklaces.

The Eka Collection

Based on one of FOPE’s inventions from the 1950s, Eka redefines gold bracelets and necklaces by making them flexible, offering a style that is contemporary, while grounded in nearly a century of tradition.