Celestial Inspirations

Astrology meets exquisite craftsmanship in an array of luxury jewellery pieces that express elements of your personality.

Your choice of jewellery often goes beyond a simple style statement, evoking a memorable milestone or event—such as a graduation or engagement—or reminding you of someone special. Personalized engraved rings and initial necklaces are accessories that can take on meaning and become unique, precious objects with great sentimental value. With the recent enthusiasm for everything related to astrology, pieces with designs inspired by the zodiac and celestial bodies can add another layer of significance to fine jewellery.

Turning to the Stars

Turning to the Stars

For centuries, humans have been wearing jewellery tied to their zodiac sign or birthstone to express their connection to the sun, moon, and stars—something people continue to do to this day, as we seek closeness to nature and guidance in our lives. Elegant jewellery pieces featuring celestial bodies, your birthstone, or your zodiac sign can be a subtle yet meaningful way to personalize your wardrobe whether you are a firm believer in astrology or a casual enthusiast.

Zodiac Jewellery

It is believed that your zodiac sign can say a lot about your personality. Certain traits are commonly associated with people depending on their sign: impulsive Aries, intuitive Cancer, dependable Virgo, and tenacious Capricorn. Wearing an 18k yellow gold or sterling silver pendant necklace representing your zodiac sign can be an empowering way to embrace your virtues and struggles, and help you feel connected to your fundamental essence.


Embracing your birthstone, whether based on your zodiac sign or birth month, can be an expressive way of incorporating a more individualized touch to your style and wardrobe, or it can add symbolism to a gift. Gemstone rings, earrings, or pendants adorned with aquamarines (March), sapphires (September), garnets (January), or emeralds (May) can take on additional significance, while introducing a touch of colour into your jewellery wardrobe.

Celestial Elements

No matter your beliefs, wearing jewellery that includes the sun, moon, or stars in their design can be an elegant way to incorporate a whimsical element into your look. Expertly crafted with precious materials, pieces like 18k gold diamond pendants or bracelets and earrings with celestial-inspired designs can be a wonderful reminder of how we are all connected and live under the same, enormous sky.