• Sell your gold with trust at Maison Birks boutiques.


    Did you know that thanks to gold recycling, the scrap supply of gold has decreased over 100 tons year over year? Recycle your unworn precious metals with the guarantee of Maison Birks. Get a competitive same day cash payout.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you buy?

We buy gold & platinum only.

How much do you pay for 18K per gram?

We do not give a quote over the phone. A professional appraiser will need to weigh and assess the gold items. Our payouts are very competitive. Please make an appointment (call 514-871-4048) at one of the Maison Birks stores that are currently hosting a Gold Exchange event (refer to calendar below).

How do you pay?

We pay cash on the spot.

I have ring mounted with 1 carat diamond, would you take it?

We do buy only metal. We would recommend, if you can do it, to remove any mounted gemstones/diamond to the piece you want to sell.

Do you buy coin? Bullion?

Unfortunately, we do not accept those pieces.



For the well-being of our communities, all Gold Exchange at Maison Birks events are cancelled until further notice.