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    The beauty of gold has captivated us for an eternity, offering a brilliance as bright as the sun and bestowing fine jewelry with exquisite value. As a leading retailer of luxury gold jewellery and your trusted companion for all your jewellery services, we understand you may have some pieces that deserve new life without compromising their worth.

    For this reason, we invite you to consult with one of our knowledgeable experts and exchange your gold and platinum for a competitive price. We believe your peace of mind and taking care of Earth’s natural gifts are of the utmost importance, and we’re proud to offer you an opportunity to sell your precious metals, while helping to reduce our shared environmental footprint through the recycling of gold.


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Sell your gold and platinum for a competitive same day cash payout by consulting with our Gold Exchange experts in-store.
Book an appointment at your preferred Maison Birks location by calling 1 (855) 873-7373 or by e-mail at [email protected] See below for details.

For all store addresses, please use the Maison Birks store locator.
The timing for appointment for the time being will be 11am – 4pm.

Call 1 (855) 873-7373


    Maison Birks Place Ste-Foy (10am - 3pm): October 26-29
    Maison Birks Montreal: October 26-29
    Maison Birks Carrefour Laval: November 2-6
    Maison Birks Dix 30: November 2-6
    Maison Birks Fairview Pointe Claire: November 23-26


    Maison Birks Bayshore Shopping Centre: October 26-29
    Maison Birks Sherway Gardens: October 26-29
    Maison Birks Fairview Mall: October 26-29
    Maison Birks Rideau Centre: November 2-5
    Maison Birks Downtown Toronto: November 2-4
    Maison Birks Yorkdale Shopping Centre: November 2-4
    Maison Birks Square One Shopping Centre: November 16-19
    Maison Birks Mapleview Centre: November 23-26

    Residences of Ontario can schedule a pick-up of their items.

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    Maison Birks Winnipeg: November 16-20


    There are currently no events in Saskatchewan. Our experts are happy to assist you with our online service.


    Maison Birks Chinook Shopping Centre: October 29-30
    Maison Birks West Edmonton Mall: October 19-23
    Maison Birks West Edmonton Mall: November 16-20


    Maison Birks Victoria: October 26-30
    Maison Birks Guildford Town Centre: November 2-5
    Maison Birks Park Royal: November 17-20


Maison Birks is pleased to offer Gold Exchange services online. In four simple steps, sell your gold with trust.Vendez votre or en toute confiance avec quatre étapes simples.



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Receive shipping kit by mail. Send us your gold and platinum by following the packing and shipping instructions provided.

Residences of Ontario can schedule a pick-up of their items.




Maison Birks Gold Exchange experts will analyze your precious metals and send you electronic payment or a cheque.




Accept payment or cash your cheque.



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For all Gold Exchange inquiries, please contact us by phone at 1 (855) 873-7373 or email at [email protected]