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About Dinh Van Paris

Dinh Van was created with the ambition to offer a modern luxury, designer jewellery meant to be worn every day.
Known for its iconic Menottes collection, Dinh Van remains timeless and modern.

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Dinh Van, Jewellery Designer

Since 1965, dinh van is the first brand to use minimalism in jewellery design.
Always remaining true to its origins, dinh van jewellery combines design and form purity. Over 50 years after its launch, dinh van jewellery remains timeless and modern.


    True expression of the creative effervescence of the 70s, the Menottes dinh van collection truly embodies the boldness of the brand. Directly inspired by the closure system of a key ring, the Menottes dinh van marks the redirection of an everyday object into a jewellery piece that transcends eras and all fashion trends.


    The latest addition to the aesthetics of the brand, the Pulse dinh van collection invites itself into sensual roundness and generous curves, shimmering like a radiant hymn in the light. With its finely crafted lines, its delicate diamond mount affixed in cadence, the design of the Pulse dinh van collection is reminiscent of the notes that punctuate a partition.


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