New Year’s Eve Nuptials

Reykjavik serves as a magical wintry backdrop to this stylish Icelandic wedding.

For fashion director Mosha Lundström Halbert and Internet entrepreneur Aidan Butler, a New Year’s Eve wedding was several years in the making. After an almost three-year engagement, a friend jokingly suggested Iceland as a venue and the light bulb moment finally arrived.

Geographically it made sense given it’s between Canada and the UK, where the New York-based couple’s families reside. Iceland also provided a way for the bride, who recently launched Therma Kōta, a Nordic-inspired luxury outerwear brand, to connect with her roots. She lived in Reykjavik during university and her mother, celebrated Canadian fashion designer Linda Lundström, is Swedish and Icelandic.

Mosha and Aiden arm-in-arm

“We decided to embrace the spirit of compromise and the idea of meeting in the middle,” says Lundström Halbert. No strangers to the challenges of creating transformative experiences through costume parties at their home in Chelsea, the couple got right to work on planning.

There were no Pinterest boards created, no bridal magazines purchased, ditto any moodboards. Instead, Lundström Halbert turned to Travel Iceland and her mother to help bring her vision to life. “Planning a wedding for me was very similar to managing and producing a shoot. I know where to cut costs and where to splurge and go all out, so I applied that approach to the wedding and figured it out,”she says.

“As soon as we decided it was going to be in winter and in Iceland, I knew I was going to wear my hair in a braid and look like this Nordic snowflake and be covered in fur and glistening and have a parka.”

Roses frozen in ice

As a self-confessed non-wedding person, Lundström Halbert did embrace some traditions. “Having traditional Jewish elements, like the kippahs my mom hand-monogrammed, was important to me,” she says. Her mother also made the couple’s ceremonial huppah out of birch. “I really resist clichés and wasn’t really fussed about the something blue but when my mom pulled out this handmade crystal garter that went so well with my Paul Andrew boots, of course I was going to wear that.”

Coming from a fashion family, wearing an off-the-rack wedding dress wasn’t an option for the bride. Her wish list? To be comfortable and to be able to move around easily. The result was an unconventional customized Wolford bodysuit and an intermission-length skirt, as well as a tailored and winter-friendly parka.

Lundström Halbert’s advice to all brides: delegate. She empowered her mother to take care of the decor, which included mini icebergs with roses frozen in the middle. “They reminded me of Beauty and the Beast, they were so magical,” says Lundström Halbert.

Rooftop ceremony

The night ended in a new year, but the most magical moment after the ceremony was an awe-inspiring fireworks display on the rooftop of the Gamla Bíó opera house. Lundström Halbert says, “We have a lot of friends who have amazing lives and experiences. There’s no food or wine they haven’t tasted, no exclusive spot they haven’t been to, and to see pretty much all of them have this sense of wonderment and awe in their eyes and be enthralled and speechless was incredible.” Afterward, giant snowflakes started to fall. The guests had snowball fights, made snow angels and danced until the wee hours. “It felt like everyone was starting the New Year on such an elated note, especially us.”

 — By Tania Kwong