Kylie Jefferson Presents New Birks Splash

Luminous diamonds, reminiscent of raindrops, capture an elegant and refreshing spirit. Exquisitely cut and set by Bijoux Birks artisans, these gems stand out for their impeccable quality and radiance. Bijoux Birks celebrates the movement and fluidity of Birks Splash through a captivating custom ballet performance by world-renowned ballerina and actress, Kylie Jefferson.


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  • Kylie Jefferson Ballet Dancing in Birks Splash
  • World-Renowned Ballerina

    Kylie began dancing at the age of four. Her dedication took her to the Debbie Allen Dance Academy in California, where she was the youngest student ever accepted into the program. Kylie graduated from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in contemporary dance. Kylie was cast as one of the leads in Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things, a drama series that chronicles a group of friends at an elite ballet academy. With fiery energy, Kylie is true to her craft and her heart. Like the Birks Splash collection, Kylie believes in expressing yourself with an uplifting spirit of radiance.

  • Kylie Jefferson wearing Birks Splash Collection

    A Dance in the Rain

    Refreshing and vibrant, Birks Splash brings a new dimension to its rainy homage. A collection inspired by nature's radiance and power of water in motion. Like a dance in the rain, this charming and exuberant diamond jewelry will let your spirit shine through

Kylie's Picks

  1. Birks Splash Pavé Diamond Ring
    Birks Splash Triple Row Diamond Ring


  • Kylie Jefferson wearing Birks Splash Collection
  • “My presence in the ballet world is parallel to my presence in the real world. Give yourself permission to be all you desire to be with a balance of strength and grace. Give yourself permission to shine, from the crown on your head to the diamonds on your collarbone, all the way down to your twinkle toes.”

    - Kylie Jefferson


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