Corporate Responsibility

  • Corpo A1
  • Sustainable Precious Metals

    Birks participates in the No Dirty Gold Campaign, aimed at reforming destructive mining practices, as well as exceeding the Green Gold standard by sourcing most of our gold directly from mines that adhere to environmental and ethical best practices.

  • Corpo B - Birks for Bees


    Birks For Bees

    Bee colonies are experiencing a global decline due to parasites, pesticides, viruses and environmental changes. In partnership with Alvéole, the Birks for Bees campaign supports the preservation and protection of honey bees.

  • Corpo C1
  • Why?


    One third of our food depends on bee pollination. Bees also sustain almost 90% of wild plants by supporting biodiversity, ecosystems, and the essential balance of water, oxygen and carbon dioxide that is required for any life form.

  • Corpo F1 - Urban Beekeeping

    One Solution:

    Urban Beekeeping

    Urban beekeeping supports the production of local honey, pollination and urban greening. The cities’ ecological regulations and untamed wildlife make urban areas an ideal habitat for bee colonies. Birks is proud to home bee hives in Montreal and Toronto, both managed by Alvéole.

  • Corpo G1
  • The Birks Bee Chic Collection

    Inspired by nature’s master craftsman and our precious friend, the honey bee, this collection lets you bee bold, bee beautiful and bee chic.

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  • Corpo F2 - Sponsored Events

    Sponsored Events

    Birks is titled as The Presenting Sponsor of the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards Gala as well as The Official Jewellery Sponsor of the Toronto International Film Festival. Since 1879, Birks has been helping Canadians celebrate special moments; we are honoured to be a part of these cherished events.