Birks Splash Diamond Line Bracelet

What could be more iconic than a diamond bracelet? The Splash Collection diamond line bracelet is a design of simple yet breathtaking elegance. 15 diamonds weighing a total of 0.66CT are arranged in rows of 5, spread out like glimmering droplets of water. Set in elegant 18K white gold, the diamonds reflect the light with unmistakable brilliance. The bracelet is adjustable, measuring 7.5" with shortening rings at 6"- 6.25"- 6.75". The delicate beauty of this bracelet makes it a perfect addition to any outfit or any occasion. The Splash Collection is inspired by the beauty and playful spirit of water. It's made for expressing your spontaneous side, and echoes the feeling of playing in the soft summer rain. Infinitely appealing, the dainty diamond accents of the Splash Collection are simply signs of nature's perfection.
  • Birks Splash Collection

    Birks Splash®

    Refreshing and liberating, Birks Splash® expresses elegance with a vibrant spirit. A collection inspired by nature's radiance and power of water in motion. The deep-blue sapphires and pure diamonds reflect the light in intricate patterns freely, like a dance in the rain.

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