Final Sale - Birks Bee Chic Red Enamel and Sterling Silver Hexagon Medallion

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Radiant style is yours with the The Birks Bee Chic® Hexagon Grid Red Enamel and Sterling Silver Pendant. Modelled after a honeycomb, the iconic hexagon shape is eye-catching and chic. Aglow with elegant red, this pendant will be a unique and modern addition to your jewelry wardrobe. The chain measures 18 inches, with shortening rings on 17, 16, and 15 inches, so you're free to adjust it according to your personal preference. The pendant measures 14.20 mm high, 12.40 mm wide, and 1.40 mm thick.

The The Birks Bee Chic® Collection pays tribute to the exquisite labour of the honey bee, nature's artisan, with stylish and distinctive designs. Worn alone or layered with other pieces, this chic pendant will become an instant favourite. With a bright burst of colour, it complements any outfit with a look that's classic and contemporary at the same time. The Maison Birks legacy of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail makes every piece a thing of beauty to behold.

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  • Birks Bee Chic®

    The Birks Bee Chic collection features hexagonal shapes that resemble the architecture of the honeycomb, a beautiful structure symbolic of nature's precision. Every piece is beautifully balanced in keeping with the harmony of nature.

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