Final Sale - Birks Bee Chic Navy Enamel and Sterling Silver Earrings

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These navy enamel and sterling silver earrings radiate classic charm. Inspired by nature's most tireless artisan, the honey bee, these earrings measure 10.00 mm high by 10.00 mm wide, and are 1.40 mm thick. A powerful symbol, the bee adds a unique touch to the elegant simplicity of these women's earrings. Highlight your personal style with a fabulous dash of navy blue colour that serves as the background for the silver bee. Easy to dress up or dress down, these earrings are a perfect fit for the modern woman who's on the go.

The Bee Chic Cruise Collection is designed around fun, sophisticated looks that are eye-catching and alluring. With jewelry that's a pleasure to wear, it's a style statement that fits effortlessly into your wardrobe and personal look. The loveliness of the natural world is perfectly captured by the artisans of Maison Birks in these enchanting round earrings. The honey bee, the symbol of Maison Birks, represents the longstanding quality for which the company has been renowned since 1879.

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    The Birks Bee Chic collection features hexagonal shapes that resemble the architecture of the honeycomb, a beautiful structure symbolic of nature's precision. Every piece is beautifully balanced in keeping with the harmony of nature.

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