Final Sale - Birks Bee Chic Medium Silver Hoop Earrings with Removable Charms

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Show off your inimitable style with the The Birks Bee Chic® Removable Two-Charm 30MM Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings. Wear them however you like: the large navy enamel hexagon grid charm and the small pink enamel hexagon cluster charm are both removable. Nature's vitality is yours for the wearing, inspired by the industrious honey bee, and expressed in precious silver and glorious colour. The hoops measure 30.00 mm high by 30.00 wide and are 2.50 mm thick. This charming, free-spirited style will match your every look.

The Bee Chic Cruise Collection is based on the principle of bright, bold and elegant additions to your wardrobe that exude easygoing elegance for any occasion. The honey bee, the symbol of Maison Birks, represents the craft and care that go into all of our innovative women's jewelry designs. Maison Birks has a longstanding legacy that is updated with the latest creative styles for the independent woman of today, who is fun-loving, energetic, and always herself.

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  • Birks Bee Chic®

    The Birks Bee Chic collection features hexagonal shapes that resemble the architecture of the honeycomb, a beautiful structure symbolic of nature's precision. Every piece is beautifully balanced in keeping with the harmony of nature.

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