Birks Bee Chic Bee Chic For A Cause Bracelet


Forever inspired by the beauty of Canadian nature, this symbolic luxury bracelet brings awareness to at-risk bee colonies and their importance to the health of Canada's world-renowned landscapes. Featuring an elegant silver charm in the shape of a honeycomb and an adjustable 100% cotton cord, Birks will donate 100% of the proceeds from the Bee Chic For a Cause Bracelet to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Canada's leading land conservation organization.

Length of one hexagon: 14.8mm
Cord Length: 8.5 in
Width of one hexagon: 13.11mm

Knots must not be undone, please slide the knots either closer together or further apart to adjust the cord to your size.

  • Birks Bee Chic Gold Toggle Bracelet and Ring
  • Birks Bee Chic®

    The Birks Bee Chic collection features hexagonal shapes that resemble the architecture of the honeycomb, a beautiful structure symbolic of nature's precision. Every piece is beautifully balanced in keeping with the harmony of nature.

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