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Birks Splash®️: Glimmering Drops of Diamonds

Effortlessly chic, Birks Splash®️ will add a playful, feminine touch to your look. These unforgettable pieces radiate contemporary charm. Designed to sparkle, the collection captures the beautiful fluidity of water.  Birks Splash®️ includes stunning rings, bracelets, and necklaces that radiate light just as pure water reflects golden sunshine. Birks Splash®️ is refreshing and vibrant -- perfect for the woman who wants to embrace the graceful flow of water and enjoy the spontaneous delight of a summer rain shower.

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  • Birks Splash®️: New Breathtaking Diamonds

    Diamond earrings, bracelets, and necklaces express the fluid beauty of water. With playful creativity and an innovative spirit, Birks has created fresh new diamond jewelry designs to delight. The irrepressible sparkle of diamonds meets evocative designs inspired by the joyful, ever-changing flow of water droplets. Wear the unforgettable look of exquisite diamonds from Birks Splash ®️ and let your spirit feel the fun and freedom of dancing in the rain.

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    The Soul of a Diamond

    How do you measure the soul of a diamond? At Birks, all our diamonds are truly radiant, impeccably cut, and responsibly and ethically sourced. We observe the Kimberley Process, an international agreement certifying our diamonds as conflict-free. The 4 Cs are carefully considered throughout every stage of the process: carat, clarity, cut, and colour. Our long-established tradition of exceptional quality ensures that only the finest gems are selected. The light-hearted, graceful spirit of Birks Splash ®️ is perfectly expressed in the radiant stones used in these diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.