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Birks Bee Chic ®️ Enamel & Silver

Inspired by the craftsmanship of the honey bee, the Birks Bee Chic®️ Enamel & Silver collection brings a pop of color to fine sterling silver jewelry. Both fun to wear and strikingly contemporary, this collection will be a delightful addition to your personal jewelry collection. With statement removable charm hoops to contemporary medallions, these bright, bold and elegant additions to your wardrobe exude easygoing elegance for any occasion. Bee unique, bee bold and Bee Chic with these timeless pieces worn stacked for impact or alone as a statement piece.

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Paying homage to one of nature’s most valuable artisans, the honey bee, the Birks Bee Chic®️ Collection celebrates personal power with bright, bold and elegant additions to your wardrobe.

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    Let true love blossom this Valentine's Day, and celebrate your special someone with a gift to treasure from Maison Birks. If you're looking for fine jewelry and luxury watches, you'll find a carefully curated selection of breathtaking pieces with stunning style.

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