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Inspired by the Canadian spirit, Bijoux Birks celebrates life's most meaningful moments.

Bijoux Birks: A Legacy of Authenticity

Since 1879, Birks has been inspired by Canada, a unique land of new beginnings and a vibrant tapestry of culture. The authenticity, community and culture embodied by the Canadian spirit find expression in these jewellery designs of rare beauty and grace. Evoking a rich sense of belonging, Bijoux Birks pays tribute to the wonders of Canadian nature in designs that capture its timeless beauty. And because the environment is an irreplaceable treasure, Bijoux Birks makes a sustainable and ethical commitment to the land that inspires its exceptional creations. Refreshing and uplifting, Bijoux Birks celebrates accomplishments, milestones and heartfelt feelings. A symbol of joy and delight, fine jewellery gives graceful shape to the most intimate moments of our lives. Bijoux Birks has become part of so many treasured stories.


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  • A legacy was founded with the first Birks boutique in 1879

    Bijoux Birks, an Iconic Canadian Brand

    The story of Bijoux Birks began four centuries ago when the Birks family were master silversmiths in Sheffield, England. Though the brand’s roots lie deep in English craftsmanship, it truly came to life when Henry Birks opened a boutique in the heart of Montreal in 1879. His lifelong dream became a reality, and grew into a magnificent fine jewellery legacy that is still thriving today. Inspired by a land with astounding natural beauty and unique joie de vivre, Birks became a treasured part of Canadian heritage. With incomparable quality and fine craftsmanship, Birks acquired a lasting place in the hearts of Canadians and is now an iconic Canadian brand that is cherished and distributed internationally. As Canada’s leading designer of fine jewellery, timepieces and gifts, our iconic blue box has proudly been part of Canadians’ lives since 1879. Passed down from generation to generation, Birks continues to share in Canadians' heartfelt moments and treasured stories.

Bijoux Birks Icons

Two iconic boxes express the prestige and elegance of Bijoux Birks. The boxes that accompany Bijoux Birks jewellery represent a legacy of fine craftsmanship and timeless design.

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    The Bijoux Birks Bell Box

    Every Bijoux Birks diamond engagement ring is encased in the iconic Birks Bell Box, which was created and introduced in the early 1900s. A nod to the brand’s origins as silversmiths, this unique sterling silver box is an art object all on its own.

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  • The Bijoux Birks Blue Box

    The legendary Birks Blue Box also dates to the early 1900s. It is the elegant setting for Bijoux Birks gifts, housing nature’s purest and clearest diamonds, the world’s most perfect pearls, or creations of luminous rose, yellow or white gold. Wrapped in the iconic Blue Box and adorned with a rich brown ribbon, gifts from Bijoux Birks are treasured for generations because of superior craftsmanship, unrivalled quality and timeless appeal.

Designs inspired by the dramatic landscape and uplifting spirit of Canada

Canadian Nature is at the Heart of Bijoux Birks

Ever since our founding in Montreal in 1879, Birks has been inspired by the stunning landscape and exhilarating spirit of Canada. From snow-covered mountaintops to crystalline streams, the Canadian environment is as diverse and moving as the people who live within it. Four main elements are the source of inspiration behind Bijoux Birks collections: land, woods, water and sky. 

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  • Bijoux Birks - The Element Land


    The magnificent land of Canada and the people who call it home have inspired Birks Rock & Pearl®️, Birks Muse®️, Birks Dare to DreamTM, Birks Iconic®️, Birks Square Philips®️, Birks Deco®️ and Birks 1879®️ collections.

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    Fauna and Flora

    The fauna and flora that thrive in the Canadian woods are the source of creativity behind Birks Bee Chic®️, Birks Petale®️ and Birks Bloom®️ collections.

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    The spectacular beauty of water finds expression in Birks Snowflake, Rosee du Matin, Pebble and Splash collections, whether frozen into unique snowflakes, freshly gleaming as morning dew, swiftly flowing in pure rivers, or sparkling in the form of water droplets

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    The enchantment of the sky — gleaming bright blue by day and shining with dazzling stars at night — is captured by Birks Blue, North Star, Nordic Light and Starry Night collections. With roots deep in Canadian heritage, Bijoux Birks will always draw strength from this land of new beginnings.

Fine jewellery by Bijoux Birks is responsible, ethical and traceable.

Our Commitment to the Environment

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  • Bijoux Birks for Bees

    Bijoux Birks is inspired by the beauty of Canadian nature, and we're committed to preserving it for future generations. We have made it our mission to spread awareness of the importance of protecting Canada’s world-renowned natural environment. A key initiative is the Birks for Bees campaign, which highlights the special role that bees play as pollinators in sustaining the beauty and diversity of our environment. This campaign develops partnerships

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    All About Bijoux Birks Diamonds

    Birks is committed to designing and offering jewellery that is made of conflict-free minerals. We are proud that all Bijoux Birks diamonds adhere to the Kimberley Process, an international certification serving to ensure that diamonds are conflict-free. Bijoux Birks Canadian-mined diamonds meet strict colour, clarity and proportion criteria and are traceable from the mine to the Birks Blue Box.

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