Sterling Silver Jewellery Care

Sterling silver is prized for its liquid-like lustre and durability, it requires special care to preserve its appearance and longevity. Follow our tips to keep your sterling silver jewellery last a lifetime.

Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Daily Care

To extend the life of your Bijoux Birks sterling silver jewellery, we recommend removing your jewellery:

  • Before you wash your hands.
  • Using lotion, hair products, fragrances and other cosmetics.
  • Household & outdoor chores (chlorine bleach will pit and discolour mountings).
  • Exercising or during any sports.
  • Preparing meals.
  • Swimming in pools, hot tubs, hot springs and the ocean.
  • Extreme temperatures and humidity.

We recommend that you store your jewellery in its Bijoux Birks pouch for safekeeping when not being worn. 

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