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 ALTR embodies the synergy between technology and beauty. With roots that stretch back to 1933, ALTR has a regal lineage, having crafted heirloom jewels for the kings and queens of India. As the first atelier in the world to make lab grown jewellery, ALTR is also a disruptor. While ALTR diamonds refract light in stunning and mesmerizing ways, there is nothing mysterious about their origins. Every ALTR created diamond is certified by the Gem Certification and Assurance Lab, so you can have perfect peace of mind. 


Starting at:
$ 11,400
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$ 4,275
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$ 7,175
Starting at:
$ 7,100


Watch how ALTR grows diamonds in the lab with the purest form of carbon crystal on earth: a Type IIa diamond seed.

Woman wearing ALTR jewellery


It’s not just a word. It’s a value ALTR stand behind with actions. Every ALTR created diamond sold at retail gets a guaranteed grading. And every ALTR created diamond is the purest in the world: a type IIa, grown with the same genetic characteristics as a legendary Golconda diamond.

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You never have to wonder about the provenance of an ALTR created diamond. ALTR is completely open about every step of our growing process. ALTR is a vertical company, maintaining all production, design and distribution processes under one umbrella, which allows them to offer complete transparency regarding the supply chain. And because every ALTR created diamond sold at retail is certified by the Gem Certification and Assurance Lab, consumers have perfect peace of mind with a guarantee that their diamond has been accurately evaluated and graded for cut, colour, clarity, and weight.

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ALTR is a true disruptor. ALTR not only started a conversation about lab-grown diamonds, but inspired an entire industry to evolve in a brave new direction. Their mission from the outset has always been to honour their heritage of craftsmanship, and the traditions of Indian artisans while innovating new ways to create the world’s most beautiful and purest diamonds. ALTR is reinventing the diamond industry.

Woman wearing ALTR diamonds


At ALTR, maintaining a low carbon footprint is essential. Good stewardship of the earth isn’t just smart policy, it’s inseparable from ALTR's DNA. Mindful of the preciousness of all non-renewable resources, ALTR uses cutting edge technology requiring less than a liter of water to produce a 1-carat diamond. ALTR’s exclusive use of US certified recycled gold is a further reflection of their commitment to conscious and responsible stewardship of the earth. Inspired by Ahimsa, the embodiment of respect for all living things, ALTR is beauty without cruelty.


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