Counting over a century of savoir-faire in selecting the perfect diamonds for any occasion, Birks has become a Canadian symbol of uncompromising quality, service, and reliability.

This five-year guarantee on Birks diamond engagement rings and a one-year guarantee on solitaire earrings and pendant jewellery is proof of our steadfast commitment to providing you with the best experience when shopping at Maison Birks — a promise ensuring you peace of mind and premium after-sale service.


Should you wish to upgrade your Birks diamond engagement ring or solitaire diamond jewellery, Maison Birks will credit the original retail purchase price of your jewellery towards the purchase of another Birks diamond engagement ring or solitaire diamond jewellery (with a retail value that is at least 100% more than the original piece.).

This offer is subject to the condition of the diamond at the time of the trade-up and must be accompanied with the GIA certificate. If you wish to reverse the transaction within 30 days of when the trade-up was accepted, we will return your original purchase.


If during the guarantee period, your Birks diamond engagement ring or solitaire jewellery requires maintenance, repairs, or diamond replacement as a result of a manufacturing defect, we will remedy the situation, free of charge.

However, if the aforementioned conditions do not stem from a manufacturing defect or occur after the guarantee has passed, a service charge will be applied.


Within the first year after purchase, Birks will gladly provide a one-time complimentary engraving of your choosing on any eligible diamond jewellery piece.


During the applicable guarantee period, if a diamond from your Birks diamond engagement ring or solitaire jewellery piece should detach from its original mounting due to a manufacturing defect, we will gladly replace it at any Maison Birks store, upon inspection and presentation of this guarantee.


Peace of mind is paramount when it comes to diamond jewellery, which is why Birks semi-annual inspections are free of charge at any of our Maison Birks stores. We highly recommend taking advantage of the semi-annual inspection in order to best preserve your diamond. We’re also happy to provide complimentary in-store cleaning for the lifetime of your piece.


Please note that the Diamond Guarantee does not apply to diamond bands, custom designs or to items (a) that have been subject to misuse, neglect, abuse, improper storage or accident, whether intentional or unintentional; (b) that have not been properly maintained, or (c) that have been altered, modified or serviced by any person other than Birks Group Inc.


A Birks diamond jewellery piece is crafted with the highest quality, but it remains delicate nonetheless. Our cleaning guidelines are here to help you preserver the beauty of your Birks jewellery.