A women wearing Qeelin Wulu necklaces

Maison Birks Presents: Qeelin

Newly available at Maison Birks, Qeelin brings a playful, modern touch to fine jewellery through its exceptionally designed pieces while paying homage to Chinese culture.

Since being founded in 2004 by jewellery designer Dennis Chan, an interdisciplinary creator and the brand’s creative director, Qeelin has been celebrating the beauty and wisdom of China’s cultural heritage through its innovative designs and superlative craftsmanship.

After starting his design career in London, Chan later returned to his native Hong Kong, where he set up his studio in 1989. Not only has he collaborated with numerous luxury brands, but his design, sculpture, and photography works have been exhibited around the world, including at the Louvre in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, garnering him multiple international honours and awards. Inspired by his heritage, Chan’s goal is to capture the essence of Chinese art and culture and bring it forth into the luxury realm, using fine jewellery as his medium. This is on full display in Qeelin’s creations, as the brand’s lead creative reinterprets concepts from a civilization dating back thousands of years with a refreshing, contemporary view and the highest quality materials.