Maison Birks Presents: Le Gramme

Maison Birks is proud to welcome Le Gramme and its minimal, timeless jewellery for men to our family of luxury brands.

Co-founder, CEO, and designer Erwan Le Louër is the mastermind behind Le Gramme’s creative vision and concept: each piece of jewellery is named by its weight in grams—a nod to the brand’s pared-down aesthetic. “The objective was to create jewellery for men with a pure, minimal, and timeless design,” explains Le Louër. “All the creations are rational and technical, and inspired by architecture and industrial design,” he says. This is reflected in a wide array of pieces that range from silver bracelets and pendant necklaces to diamond rings.

Le Gramme, which is the first jewellery brand for men whose creations are exclusively made in France in Responsible Jewellery Council-certified workshops from precious recycled materials, was founded 10 years ago. The impetus? Le Louër could not find jewellery suited to his tastes. And so, building on his entrepreneurial experience from launching JEM, his brand of jewellery for women, he created Le Gramme, which enabled him to produce “creations that are faithful to my universe,” he says. His collections are simple yet sophisticated, easy to wear yet elegant.

Minimalist Pieces for a Singular Style

Minimalist Pieces for a Singular Style

According to Le Louër, what characterizes the creation process at Le Gramme is “the absence of a drawing at the beginning.” The shape of each piece is meant to fill a specific function and deemed perfect when “there is nothing more to remove,” says Le Louër, whose vision is clearly one of extreme minimalism.   The result: a collection of flawlessly designed pieces that can be combined and stacked in an unlimited number of combinations, “allowing everyone to create their own style and assert their identity,” says the designer.

The Ribbon Collection

From black sterling silver bracelets to pieces made from 18K red gold, the Ribbon collection spans a variety of materials, but focuses on a core single band design that is just as impactful whether executed as a bracelet, ring, or earring.

The Cable Collection

Inspired by the architecture of cable-stayed bridges, the Cable collection consists of polished ceramic, sterling silver, and 18K gold bracelets made from a cable sealed with a cylindrical clasp. Worn on their own or juxtaposed, the pieces are timeless and sophisticated.