A man and woman dressed for the holiday season in Messika jewellery.

A Stylish Holiday Season

The holiday season is all about getting together with family and friends to create precious memories, with most people attending a mix of chic soirées and more laid-back parties. From formal dinners and office events to brunch with the family, here are tips for styling and accessorizing flawless holiday outfits for every occasion this season.

A man wearing a Tudor Black Bay watch and le gramme bracelets

Polished and Stylish for a Casual Celebration

A get-together hosted at someone’s house, or a holiday breakfast or lunch may not call for as much glamour as an evening celebration, but a few well-chosen accessories can help elevate and refine your look, nonetheless. An elegant watch will shine on your wrist, while sleek, minimalist silver bracelets and rings are polished touches that tie your outfit together.

A man and woman dressed for the holiday season in Maison Birks jewellery and watches.

All Decked Out for a New Year’s Eve Soirée

The start of a new year is worth celebrating—and the big NYE bash is where you’ll want to pull out your most glamorous attire. Create an unforgettable look by donning a dress or jacket made from a plush material like velvet or suede in black or a dark, rich colour, and selecting a handful of showstopping jewellery pieces. A matching white gold and diamond necklace, ring, and earrings make a harmonious trio for her, while a high-end watch with a classic leather band is the perfect pairing for his dapper blazer.

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Whimsical and Colourful for the Office Party

The office party is an opportunity to enjoy food and drinks with your coworkers after working hard together all year long. For a look that is equal parts festive and refined, consider opting for a jewel tone or sequin dress or jumpsuit and combining it with fine jewellery pieces that catch the light, such as white gold and real diamond rings and earrings. Rose gold pieces bring warmth to your look, while jewellery featuring iridescent mother-of-pearl adds even more radiance. The final touch: a luxury watch that is both functional and sophisticated.