Maison Birks Presents: Balmain Fine Jewellery

A bold, singular mix of Parisian luxury and flawless craftsmanship, the very first Balmain fine jewellery collection has arrived at Maison Birks. Its pieces are distinctive and unique, embodying both the house’s couture heritage and rebellious spirit. Created using ethical and sustainable practices, the collection reflects values that are also deeply engrained in the Maison Birks mission, which strives to honour the beauty of nature.

Uniquely Iconic

Uniquely Iconic

“Versatile”, “genderless”, and “timeless” are appropriate qualifiers for the French house’s first foray into fine jewellery. Made in France from recycled and ethical 18K gold, conflict-free diamonds, and traceable gemstones, it is a manifestation of creative director Olivier Rousteing’s audacious vision. This consists in creating “a daring and cohesive universe of which fine jewellery offers a perfect new creative expression,” says Rousteing, who has been Balmain’s creative director for over 10 years. “With the creative studio, we have designed the new collections based on the common values uniting the world of couture and fine jewellery: savoir-faire, design, and personal expression,” he says.

Complementary Collections

The launch is made up of two collections that are rooted in Balmain’s fashion heritage.

“Emblem and Labyrinth, our two gender-neutral collections, refer to Balmain’s signatures—both classic motifs from the house’s rich archives and bold 21st-century icons from runways,” explains Rousteing.

Emblem<br> collection


High in contrasts and embodying the rebellious spirit of those who challenge the status quo, the Emblem collection is composed of striking pieces that range from a large cuff and transformable brooch to a statement signet ring.

Labyrinth collection

Labyrinth collection

Inspired by the intricate mazes that characterize France’s famous Renaissance gardens, the fashion house’s iconic labyrinth pattern, first introduced in 1970, was the starting point for the Labyrinth collection. Its exquisitely crafted pieces, which include gold rings and a diamond bangle bracelet, feature its mesmerizing, repetitive geometry.

 A New Legacy

While designing the pieces, Rousteing says he contemplated the tradition of gifting jewellery from generation to generation and how it is often the perfect gift. “I have a bracelet that my father gave me many years ago,” he says. “I never take it off as it represents a constant reminder of our love.” The same way Maison Birks has helped Canadians express their affection for generations, the Balmain fine jewellery collection was created while pondering this power to connect people.