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  • Birks 1879 Oval Engagement Ring in Birks Bell Box

    Bijoux Birks Engagement Rings

    A mark of undying love, Bijoux Birks engagement rings have been crafted by the expert hands of our master craftsmen for over 140 years. A desire for excellence that is also reflected in our choice of exceptional diamonds and sapphire gemstones, sourced exclusively from ethical sources. Each of our rings comes in a sumptuous sterling silver case, our iconic Birks Bell BoxTM, as if to forever immortalize the memory of the grand proposal.

    Bijoux Birks Diamond Guarantee
  • Birks Bloom Solitaire and Birks Bee Chic Rose Gold Engagement Rings

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  • Birks Rosee du Matin Princess Cut Double Halo and Birks Deco Engagement Rings

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