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    Birks Iconic®

    Inspired by our signature collections, Birks Iconic® represents authentic bold beauty, positive self-expression, and a rebel spirit. Celebrate our 140th anniversary with new Birks Iconic® neckwear.

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  • Birks Iconic® Necklaces

    Tell your story with bold geometric shapes and contemporary graphic details. The new Birks Iconic® necklaces are all about positive self-expression with a rebel spirit. From edgy pendants to modern chokers — mix, match, and layer until the look is all your own.

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    Birks Iconic® Rings

    Break free from tradition and let your rebel spirit shine. The Birks Iconic® rings feature distinct geometric shapes, edgy details, and elegant clusters of diamonds. Designed for stacking, for the everyday, and for life's special moments, discover the styles that speak to you and create your own custom look.

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  • Birks Iconic® Earrings

    Celebrate your individuality with sophisticated single earrings and striking ear cuffs. The Birks Iconic® earrings invite infinite style possibilities and the freedom to express your true self. Mix, match, and stack for a rebel look that is uniquely yours.

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140 Years Of Celebration 

This fall marks our 140th anniversary and we are extremely excited to celebrate this monumental milestone with you.

What started as one man’s dream has grown into a 140-year-old love affair.

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