Birks Splash ® Diamond Small Drop Necklace

This delicate diamond necklace will win your heart. The Birks Splash Collection now features dainty diamond accents that capture the energy and sparkle of flowing water. This necklace features eight diamonds weighing a total of 0.39CT, set in 18K white gold. You'll love its carefree, chic look, and you can adjust the length with shortening rings to make it 18", 17", 16", or 15" long. In keeping with the Birks legacy, only the finest diamonds are selected, and they are always ethically and responsibly sourced. Birks artisans have been inspired by the natural beauty of water to create this innovative and charming design. It creates a feeling of pure femininity and freedom. Like water droplets clinging to each other, the delicate diamonds are gracefully arranged to mimic the patterns of nature. It's a unique design that you'll enjoy wearing day or night.
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