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Bijoux Birks: A Legacy of Authenticity   

Established in 1879, Bijoux Birks is Canada's leading designer of fine jewellery. A beloved national treasure and a coveted symbol of Canadian luxury, Bijoux Birks is recognized internationally for incomparable quality and the delight brought to its beholders. Inspired by Canadian nature, Bijoux Birks designs echo the sustainable and ethical commitment to the land that inspires its creations. Bijoux Birks accompanies every joyous new beginning and reflects an ethos that is fundamentally confident, optimistic and radiant. Our iconic Birks Blue Box® has proudly been part of Canadians’ stories since 1879. 

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  • Birks Dare to DreamTM

    Inspired by treasured connections to our loved ones and the most important relationship: your connection to your dreams.

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    Birks Snowflake®️

    Inspired by the unique silhouettes and intricate shapes of snowflakes.

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  • Birks Splash®️ 

    Inspired by the joyful, ever-changing flow of water droplets.

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    Love and Engagement

    Each of Bijoux Birks expertly crafted diamonds is storied and individually registered, assuring a transparency as clear as the stone on your finger. Discover what makes the Bijoux Birks difference.

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