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Birks Bee Chic®

Expressing a free and authentic spirit, the Birks Bee Chic collection is an inspiring tribute to the bees' amazing achievements. A contemporary, vibrant aesthetic is conveyed by bold gold rings with intricate hexagonal designs and graceful necklaces set with gemstones. Exquisite earrings make an unmistakable statement of individuality and charm, and the entire collection is beautifully balanced in keeping with the harmony of nature.

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  1. Bijoux Birks Bee Chic Bold Yellow Gold Link Ring
    Birks Bee Chic ® Bold Yellow Gold Link Ring


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  • Nature at the Heart of Bijoux Birks

    The splendour of Canadian nature and landscape has been an infinite source of inspiration for Bijoux Birks. Our admiration for the vital importance of bees in our world's eco-system is extensively expressed through our Birks Bee Chic collection. Our hexagonal shapes resemble the architecture of the honeycomb, a beautiful structure symbolic of nature's precision.

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    Bijoux Birks for Bees

    Bijoux Birks is immensely proud of its long-standing partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem but they are currently under threat. This collection is a demonstration of our commitment to preserve the habitat of Canada’s over 780 wild bee species.

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