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    Unique Gifts for Lunar New Year

Special editorial written by Cher Bai of @Chermycloset

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The Lunar New Year of 2022 is just around the corner with less than a month to go. We can all agree that out of all the holidays within a year, Lunar New Year would be the most important for everyone of Chinese heritage to celebrate.

The traditions of Lunar New Year have been passed down and carried out through generations. On this day, it is not only the time for families to gather, to celebrate and welcome another fruitful and prosperous year. It is also the time for us to visit relatives, friends, and all our loved ones, bearing gifts filled with our most sincere greetings.  


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  • Cher Bai for Maison Birks
  • What Lunar New Year means to me

    For me, during this special holiday, is the time to gift not only myself but all my loved ones with meaningful gifts. Be it as a reward for the past year of hard work, a thank you to my other half’s unwavering support, and the never-ending unconditional love and care from my parents. A gift that could withstand the test of time and to be treasured for years to come would no doubt spark joy, bearing the message of love during this important time of the year.

    Maison Birks would definitely be my go to select the most perfect gift for both myself and all my loved ones.

  • Gifts for Him

    Gifts for Him

    For my father or my better half, I love the Santos de Cartier watch. A good watch could last a lifetime, with the durable material of steel as its base, and diamonds intricately embedded on the face. No matter what the occasion or outfits, be it a fancy night out, or for casual daily wear. This watch exudes style, and is perfect to be worn out any day.

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  • dinh van Pulse Bangle Bracelets
  • If your other half is quite trendy, I do recommend the Dihn Van bangles. Rose gold for the ladies, and white gold for the gentlemen. This brand’s unique and signature cut out design, paired by the bezel set diamonds. It is sure to be a head-turning piece worn by any trendy couple.

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  • Chaumet Josephine Necklaces

    Gifts for Her

    Chaumet is also on my top recommended list. A luxurious jewellery brand originated in France, the Joséphine Ronde d'Aigrettes diamond pendant is a  tribute to the Empress's free and creative spirit, which aligns with the harmonious spirit of Lunar New Year.

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  • Lunar New Year Pendant
  • To celebrate and welcome the Year of the Tiger, Bijoux Birks has created the limited edition Dare of Dream Year of the Tiger pendant, perfect as gifts for any relative and friends this New Year. I love the gold detailing, pairing with the red carnelian and diamonds. The rich tone of red is symbolic of the Lunar New Year, and the circular design, not only versatile, but aligns wonderfully with the meaning of family union and harmonious atmosphere for the holiday.

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  • Cher Bai Birks Dare to Dream Lunar New Year Pendant

    The mesh design is symbolic of good fortune weaved within the year to come. The attention to detail lies within the backside of the pendant with the intricately carved tiger and a single diamond embedded within. A perfect gift for anyone with their birth year as the Year of Tiger.

    If you are still contemplating on what to get for yourself or loved ones this year, or I’ve inspired you with my gift guide, visit Maison Birks and be prepared to be mesmerized. Your perfect gift awaits.

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