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  • Maison Birks Spring Trends

    Spring 2022 Trend Guide

With the weather finally warming up, the days getting longer, and the promise of a joyous season ahead spent reconnecting with loved ones over afternoon tea, a date in the city, or a leisurely stroll through nature, it’s time to finally bid adieu to winter and give into spring’s comforting embrace. As you indulge in lighter clothing, adding a few pieces of carefully selected jewellery can really help elevate your look. From elegant timepieces and unique gold necklaces to intricate rings with a distinctive aesthetic, this season is all about refinement and breathtaking splendour.


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  • Maison Birks Spring Trends Necklaces

Chains & Charms

The season opens with an exquisite parade of circles, chain links, and charms, crafted in a classic yet powerful combination of white gold and diamonds. These mesmerizing pieces by Roberto Coin and Dinh Van graze the neckline, creating a delicate, luminous effect that attracts the eye. Round, oval, or square cut diamonds, the pendants’ geometry is underscored by the barely-there quality of their white gold chains, evoking a tender, jewelled kiss on the neck that is as light and airy as the spring breeze.


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  • Spring Trend Watches Maison Birks

Time, Magnified

The arrival of the warm season often inspires us to gravitate toward bolder, bigger pieces as we feel our spirits lift and we seek to honour that special feeling of renewal that spring conjures. Contrasting tones, graphic lines, fine-brushed and polished steel, and delicate diamonds come together in beautifully balanced classic luxury watches that are equal parts jewellery and iconic timepieces. Timeless and masterfully crafted, these TAG Heuer watches are the definition of sophistication.


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  • Birks Dare to Dream Collection

Mixed Metals

As we reacquaint ourselves with the sun’s warm rays, we watch as the soft spring light illuminates the newness awakening in the world after a long winter. Various colours and materials come together while distinctive textures and motifs interlace gold pendants and rings, resulting in a symphony of rich contrasts at every turn. Adorn yourself in pieces from the Birks Dare to Dream collection as a tribute to this abundance of inspiration, so generously offered by Mother Nature.


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  • Grand Seiko Watches

Back to Nature

When spring finally visits again, we are drawn outdoors, aching to deepen our connection with nature: whether on the water or under a canopy of tender green leaves, we drink in the beauty of our surroundings. Sleek lines, patterns that mimic ripples in the water, shimmering finishes, and hues inspired by the outdoors: slip a thoughtfully designed, distinguished Grand Seiko luxury watch onto your wrist and revel in the start of a new season.


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