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    Birks Splash®️

    It’s the middle of the summer. There’s a sudden heaviness to the air. The wind sings a different tune and in a flash, raindrops fall from the sky. Our reaction: look for shelter. But, what if instead, we embraced the rain and danced? Jump from puddle to puddle with the same freedoms we did as children.

Spark Joy With Jewellery

It’s that innocent and delightful euphoria that inspired the latest editions Birks Splash® collection. Carved in 18K white gold and fluid like moving water. Diamonds glimmering like thousands of droplets. Buoyant designs reminiscent of a spontaneous summer shower. Birks Splash® newest rainfall of luxurious jewellery pays tribute to a carefree and radiant joie de vivre. Swept over with this newfound bliss, we wonder: what effect does jewellery have on our mood? Can it nurture a general sense of wellness as wearing our favourite dress or reading a good book with a glass of rosé?
Actually, it can. And here’s how.

Discover Birks Splash®

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Spark(le) Your Creativity

Fun fact: studies have shown that integrating creativity into our daily lives can ignite a feeling of well-being and fulfilment. And no need to take on oil painting or contemporary dance to reap the benefits. The gratifying act of styling your jewellery will do the trick. Let your imagination run wild and stack your gems in an original fashion to create unexpected and fun arrangements. Perfectly suited to the task is Birks Iconic® and Birks Splash® collections, filled with pieces meant to be mix-and-matched. Our favourite way to do it? With rings. Start off with a simple yet stunning yellow gold diamond band, followed by white gold ring, and top it off with a diamond and blue sapphire ring.

  1. bijoux birks iconic stackable yellow gold and diamond splash ring
    Birks Iconic ® Stackable Yellow Gold and Diamond Splash Ring
  2. bijoux birks iconic stackable white gold and diamond splash ring
    Birks Iconic ® Stackable White Gold and Diamond Splash Ring
  3. Birks Iconic Silver Stackable Muse Ring
    Birks Iconic ® Silver Stackable Muse Ring

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Highlight Your Favourite Features

The curve of the nape. The poetic wave of a hand extending its fingertips. Whichever part of your body you wish to highlight, to adorn it is a way to celebrate its beauty. With its soft lines and dazzling downpour of diamonds, Birks Splash®18kt white gold collection is the perfect contender to the task. Like a light drizzle, diamond drop earrings graze the neck with amusing sensuality. Just as striking, a diamond pendant necklace nests perfectly at the center of the collarbone, just like a glimmering droplet falling from the clouds.

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Wear It Proudly, Rain or Shine

Jewellery has become an outward expression of our emotions, our story and unique style. It fills us with pride, but also grants a deeper meaning to the treasures that we welcome into our home. When it comes to Birks’ muses, nature plays a leading role. An ever-flowing source of inspiration for our myriad of collections—Birks Pétale®, Rosée du Matin®, Rock & Pearl®, and many others—, Mother Nature is at the root of our dedication from sourcing responsibly and selecting sustainable materials. One of our commitments is our adherence to the process of certifying our diamonds. We ensure that they come from ethical and conflict-free sources. True for the Birks Splash® collection, this high-quality standard is also applicable to all other Birks pieces. If, like us, you hold nature preservation dear, why not decorate your wrist with the Bee Chic For a Cause Charity bracelet, featuring a honeycombed silver charm? All proceeds are donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the leading national land conservation organization. A nice way to combine philanthropy and style into one piece of jewellery.