Birks for Bees

Birks Bee Chic™ Collection

Inspired by nature’s master craftsman and our good friend, the honey bee,
the bold new Birks Bee Chic™ Collection will raise more than just eyebrows.
Its striking hexagonal latticework evokes the honey bee’s distinctive honeycomb.
10% of sales of the Birks Bee Chic™ honeycomb-shaped pendant in silver
will benefit the Honey Bee Research Centre. 

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About the Honey Bee Research Centre

Birks has partnered with the Honey Bee Research Centre at the University of Guelph.

Internationally renowned for its apiculture research, education and outreach, it is
North America’s largest research and teaching apiary. Birks is supporting researchers
and graduate students who are identifying and understanding the various diseases,
parasites and environmental factors impacting honey bee colonies. Together we will
find solutions to improve bee health, food security, and the environment.

About the Issue

Did you know that in each of the last six years, one-third of honey bee colonies have
been lost in North America and Europe? This is known as Colony Collapse, and if it
continues our agricultural production will be decimated. Exposure to a combination
of parasites, pesticides, disease and environmental changes are compromising the
health of honey bees. Bees pollinate the plants that provide one out of every three
bites of food we eat. Bees also play a central role in sustaining almost 90% of wild
flowering plants, supporting biodiversity, whole ecosystems, and the critical balance
of water, oxygen and carbon dioxide that supports all life.

Learn more about Birks’ support of honey bee conservation

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